Maxing the Space in Your Tiny Home

Last week, we provided a post about Micro Living and Tiny Houses and the benefits this lifestyle offers. We also mentioned how it’s not for everyone, because with Tiny Living comes the task of downsizing. But fear not, the Tiny Life also comes with some fantastic creative outlets and nifty nook ideas to accommodate your new lifestyle choice.

Maximizing the use of a space is always a welcome idea in any household, but it’s exceptionally essential in a Tiny Home. So, let’s talk space. Remember, Tiny Houses range from 100-400 square feet so take your average kitchen or living room or even bedroom and not just cut it in half, but almost cut in down to a quarter size of what you’re used to. This super-compression of rooms in such a small place has forced Tiny House owners to figure out the best way to design and utilize the space that they do have. Lets look at some of the clever ideas how you, too, can effectively  co-ordinate your space, whether you’re looking to live the Tiny Life, too, or to use in your own typical size home.

When building a Tiny Home, there are multiple factors to consider. For example, because you have a limited amount of square footage, you can’t stretch out. Building up becomes necessary in Tiny Houses; in fact, many Tiny Home owners choose to build a bedroom loft with extra storage & compartments so that the main floor can be used for the general living quarters.



Of course with loft spaces comes the obvious issue of how to get up into said area. Some home owners opt for ladders, as they can be tucked away when not in use. However, since a majority of Tiny Home owners are above the age of 55 (as shown in the infographic we shared in our last post) many go with the standard staircase to go up into their loft spaces. Worried that stairs are too space consuming? Fear not …. stairs also offer a very useful spacial option as shown in the photos below:


Personally, I’m a fan of the drawers that come out from the very steps themselves to hold clothes, shoes, and other small items. The mini closets under the staircase itself also offers and excellent area to have pull out drawers like shown above, or to store larger objects, like your washing machine and dryer:

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So, we’ve stored your washer and dryer units, how about we work on your dishwasher, unless you don’t mind hand-washing your dishes and utensils. If you really don’t want to be washing after every meal, here’s a dishwasher option for you:


These are known as incognito dishwasher drawers. Half sink and half dishwasher, these are great space savers for your kitchen countertop. Since they’re combined, it allows you to have extra countertop and space underneath of this fancy setup. Perhaps to hide away your trash and recyclables so they’re out of your way and others site:


Our last major appliances are the stove and refrigerator. These, too, can be reduced to Tiny Home size to allow for conventional living in a small space:


This is an AGA Companion stove. It’s a compact, counter-deep appliance that has four burners and two miniaturized ovens. This is a wonderful solution to those who love to cook but want to downsize to a Tiny Home to bear freedom of financial constraints. Of course, if this is too much and you’d rather have the extra cabinet space below your countertop, you can always opt for an electronic countertop stovetop:








Space-saving refrigerators are also ideal for Tiny Home owners, as these counter-depth fridges provide:

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Maximizing the space in your home, whether Tiny or not, is always useful. I hope you find some of these concepts intriguing  and please let us know about any space saving ideas or products you might have in the comments.

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Maxing the Space in Your Tiny Home