Getting Down With the Tiny Life

Have you heard about the newest trend sweeping the nation known as Micro Living, or, as it is also known, Tiny Living? While it’s not so much a new concept, but the resurgence of a lifestyle, The Tiny Life explains it as “a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in. The typical American home is around 2600 square feet, while the typical small (or tiny) house is around 100-400 square feet. Tiny Houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but the focus on smaller spaces and simplified living.”


One of the principal reasons why this trend has taken flight over the past decade is due to the recent American economic environment, which has forced many people to adjust to the changes in their financial circumstances. With the unstable economic market and cost of buying and maintaining homes nowadays, Tiny Houses fit the bill perfectly because they’re sustainably easier to manage and it is much easier to own one without a mortgage. They also allow the freedom of living anywhere since many of them can be set up on transferable platforms, such as trailer beds. They are an attractive option for young home owners, as well as the environmentally conscious and those looking for more freedom that comes from less financial constraints.

Tiny Houses come in various architecturally appealing designs with clever and inspired interiors, which can be custom-built to the buyer’s specifications and style. Tiny Nation enjoys significant success in sharing the numerous stories of those building their unique Tiny House while preparing to embrace micro living. It’s Staci’s favorite TV show for, as she puts it, “an insanely creative solutions for multi-use in a space”.


She really wants to do a tiny house for a client!

So, with such a flexible, affordable housing option, who wouldn’t want to jump on this bandwagon? I certainly think it’s an interesting way of living and wouldn’t mind giving it a try myself.

Of course, there is the down-side to tiny living known as having to downsize your entire life. Some people are not as prepared as they think they are to do that. It’s more than just getting rid of your stuff. It’s a major adjustment to they way you live and it’s not for everyone; it’s a committed lifestyle choice. From the interior design point of view, if it’s done well, it truly embraces the foremost principal of interior design, form follows function, pushing the very best of ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Check this infographic out for some other fun facts:


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Getting Down With the Tiny Life

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