About Us


STACI GREENBERG is a seasoned interior designer with outstanding people skills, a can-do attitude, & an endless reserve of creativity & talent. With over 35 years of experience in the  field of design & product management. 

Her enthusiasm for each new project is an exercise in the art of “solving the puzzle” …… making space function to meet the unique needs of its occupants. She passionately believes  that every space has potential & has become adept at maximizing the functionality of areas that were previously under-utilized while introducing a smart, cohesive design.

In the process of  developing a professional foundation, Staci has honed an expertise in sourcing appropriate materials, as well as unique products while creatively utilizing them to provide a design that  delivers value and panache.                                                                                                                                                                                

The current focus on materials is often for sustainability, however, Staci also specializes in ADA accommodations for commercial projects, special needs and  the aging in place client. 




PERI HIMSEL assists Staci with various office duties such as maintaining the design library & materials, files, data entry & a multitude of other necessary tasks that help to keep the office humming…she is an organized  patient & extremely focused person. Using her stellar writing and editing skills, she often helps with the blog posts.