Spookify Your Home with Creative Halloween Decor!

Halloween is next week and it is our favorite holiday!  Holidays are an excellent way to express your creativity but are also great sources of inspiration when it comes to design and decor. For this holiday, we’ll focus more on Halloween Decor than interior design by sharing a few of our favorite finds!

When you think Halloween, you think ghosts and ghouls and spooks causing fright! Candied apples and candy corn, trick-or-treaters and mischief-makers! Hayrides, superstitions, black cats and black birds in the dead of night. With Halloween we get to have extra fun because we celebrate it as a holiday to dress up as any character, creature, object, whether fiction or real! With such a broad band of selection, you can take your decoration to pretty much any level!


This living room decoration display combines home-living with a sort of friendly-spooky approach. With tombstone cutouts, paper bats, heavy cast iron trinkets, and the steady theme of black and orange, who wouldn’t feel the Halloween spirit in this setting? Pumpkins and a hay bale table with candied apples and pretzel bats, a picture area with a dead tree, full moon, and fog all enhanced with an orange light to give it that extra zip? A skeleton to be your seat partner, and ghostly lights? Truly a fantastic way to decorate.


Of course, who says you have to tone down your fright-night fun? These homeowners took a more ghoulish gala approach to their styling. Check out the eerie cobweb lighting, and skeleton guests everywhere! Not to mention the pile of skulls and pumpkins and candles as the table’s centerpiece! How would you feel dining with the dead on the scariest night of the year?

And who says you have to limit your decoration to the inside of your home? We all see the Halloween decorations sprawling through yards this time of year, and we have a couple of fantastically favorited yard spreads to share, too.


This household went as far as to board up their windows and weave the place over with sticky spider webs! They’ve even uprooted their family garden to replace it with one very ghostly graveyard! And let’s not forget the fact that they’ve even enlisted the grim reaper to guard their front door. Trick-or-treaters and mischief-makers beware!


Or maybe just let your house go to the dark side and turn into a full-blown monster house!

This Halloween fan, Redditor Christine H McConnell, did just that with some clever use of foam-core boards and paint!

Think it’s scary now? You should really see it at nighttime:


Whatever your style, dark or humorous, Halloween is a fun and expressive holiday for many people around the world…especially DIYers!

Still not sure how to approach your decorations yourself, yet? Feel free to contact us to help you with any of your holiday design planning! Check out our October Board of the month on Pinterest for more fun and creative DIY ideas.

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We welcome you to share some of your Halloween favorites with us in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!


Spookify Your Home with Creative Halloween Decor!
Spookify Your Home with Creative Halloween Decor!