Re-Pin the WORLD!

Today is a good day. We got a lot accomplished at the office today (yay!). What did we do, you ask? Why thank you for being so interested! Let me tell you:

We’ve organized our Pinterest Boards and Pins. See, we know you guys are social-addicts (why else would you be online?) and “Re-Pinning” is its own little social world nowadays. We know. We’re hip, we’re cool. -wink wink-


Now I’d like to ask a HUGE favor. Since we wasted (ahem, er, spent) so much time on Pinterest today re-working and naming and pinning boards and pins, please hop over there and browse our wonderful selections! We’ve created boards to showcase different project ideas, architecture styles, and “Thingamajigs with a Purpose” (like decors and furnishings and such). Plus more, of course!

So, pop on over and check out some stuff! Maybe re-pin a couple of our pins. Let’s be social buddies!

And, here’s a heads up: Starting next month (September, guys, the summer is ending, dun dun DUN! …sadness. Okay, back to business) we’ll be starting a “FEATURED PROJECT” Board on our Pinterest, where we will utilize each “Floor of the Month”, “Sofa of the Month”, “Wall Design of the Month”, etc., etc., etc. So, mark your calendars, it’s COMING SOON!

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Re-Pin the WORLD!

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